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Simon Raik-Allen

A report from MYOB shines the spotlight on augmented humans, which could transform business in the future. MYOB’s chief technical adviser Simon Raik-Allen explains it means for SMEs.

Success Stories


O’Tooles of the trade

Tom O’Toole left school with little education and yet is inspiring us to live our lives to the full and run our businesses with a vigour and... more >


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Consumer confidence rises

While it was only the first lift in consumer confidence in five weeks, consumers have been more watchful rather than downbeat in recent times. more >

Aussies’ entrepreneurial aspirations

A new report shows the spirit of entrepreneurialism is alive and well in Australia. more >

Clothing store spending jumps

Spending lifted in all but five of the 19 industry groups in June with spending up in the majority of states and territories. more >

Your Business

New Small Business Minister

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has unveiled his new ministry, including a new Small Business Minister. Kelly O’Dwyer is set to depart the role to make way for Nationals MP Michael McCormack, who was previously the Assistant Minister for Defence. McCormack previously owned and operated his own small business in Wagga Wagga for eight years. “I understand firsthand the vital role... more >

Consumer confidence down by 3%

Healthy business conditions

Business credit demand lifts