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Start-ups vs failures: how we’re measuring up

A new study has revealed an interesting snapshot of the number of business start-ups and failures in Australia. more >

The new 2% debt levy explained

One of the headline items in the 2014 Federal Budget, which is now law, is the Temporary Budget Repair Levy (ie. the 2% Debt Levy). This is the tax we get when they don’t want to call it a tax. more >

8 things that can make your business go under

No one enters a business to fail, and the end goal is to flourish - so here are eight things to avoid to help keep your business afloat. more >

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4 myths about growing a business

By Maureen Jordan For many business owners, the prospect of growth is daunting. It’s hard work, it’s expensive, it’s scary – and all manner of other excuses. The temptation is to do nothing or find reasons not to grow or expand. However, if you have successfully opened the doors of your business, have a niche for your product or service and have implemented the right... more >

Should I stay or should I grow?

Business planning makes perfect

Embracing the path to your forever startup

David, Goliath and what if the opposite were true?

Operating profit

Whole lotta love

Home sweet home

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