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A lesson from Woody Allen

Just as there’s more to NYC than Woody Allen – the simple message in business is to seek and you shall find. more >

Six tips to supercharge your results

We've all heard of the power of positive thinking - but how can you turn this into actual results? more >

BHP out on top

Mining giant BHP Billiton has taken the top spot in IBISWorld’s top 1000 national companies for 2014. more >

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A lesson from Woody Allen

A few years back on a trip to New York, I sat in adjoining booths with Woody Allen in an Upper Eastside diner on Madison Avenue, but I didn’t twig until his companion started to leave. The experience underlined a lesson that many leaders in business have to learn, that we often don’t see opportunities that stare us in the face. The irony of this chance encounter was that at the... more >

BHP out on top

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